Client Spotlight: Nutrition Educator and Conservationist Kathy Pollard, MS

Cristen Iris

Working in the publishing industry gives me the opportunity to apply my time, talent, and energy to work with like-minded people and take action that has the potential to contribute to significant, long-term change.

On the human and planetary health side, I'm proud to be working with Kathy Pollard.

Who Is Kathy Pollard, MS?

Since becoming one of the first graduates of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s eCornell certification course in plant-based nutrition in 2009, Kathy has wanted nothing more than to educate others about this life-changing message and the research indicating the powerful health benefits of eating whole plant foods. She is a regular contributor to ThriveGlobal and speaks and writes about the power of whole plant foods whenever she can.

Kathy is Research Projects Manager at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and the administrator of the ACLM's Global Sustainability Committee. She is also the lead program mentor and co-founder of Sustainable Diet, which offers online courses and in-person retreats to help people switch from the standard American diet to a plant-based one. She holds a Masters degree in applied clinical nutrition through New York Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley.  She has also completed training in Motivational Interviewing.

She spent six years as an online instructor for the renowned T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, offering the plant-based nutrition program through eCornell and is presently adjunct faculty with the University of New England online graduate program in applied nutrition. Kathy serves on the Board of Directors for the Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference (P-POD) and is also currently writing a book on the interconnection between food and climate change.

Kathy and I are working on her first book, Eating Does It: Healing Ourselves and Our Planet with Food, with Stacey Verardo, PhD. Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Geology at George Mason University.

Who Is Stacey Verardo, PhD?

Stacey Verardo, PhD is a Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Geology at George Mason University. She teaches courses for the Atmospheric, Oceanic & Earth Sciences Department to help students "better understand our planet."

Before coming on board as part of the team, she had this to say about Kathy's project: “Pollard scribed a deep dive into the nexus of food and climate. It’s a delicious must read! I intend to incorporate it into my paleoclimate class.”

More Advanced Praise for the Book

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Cornell University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry; best-selling author (The China StudyWhole): “A book on animal agriculture and global warning ought to rank high priority for everyone. With Kathy Pollard, extraordinary plant-based nutritionist married to a climatologist, the book is a needed addition to the conversation on a timely topic.

James Cromwell, Oscar-nominated actor and activist: “This simple guide is incredibly important and timely. It’s now or never. The public needs to be informed and given a clear call to action to preserve our planet, as this book does.”

Julianna Hever, MS., RD, CPT, celebrity plant-based dietitian: “[Eating Does Itis an easily digestible guide to change the world. Eating a plant-based diet is the single greatest action you can take to protect the planet and your own health and Kathy Pollard lays out the blueprint for maximum success.”

Brian Wendel, executive producer of Forks Over Knives, the film that became a movement: “I am happy to support this book that shares the life-saving vision of FOK”— healing people and the climate through whole food plant-based nutrition.”

Interested in How a Plant-Based Diet Improves Human and Planetary Health?

Anyone interested in learning more about the intersection of human and planetary health can visit to learn more about how to transition to a healthy, sustainable way of eating. You can also sign up for Kathy's newsletter by clicking here.

Related: Pathak N. and Pollard, K. "Lifestyle medicine prescriptions for personal and planetary health." The Journal of Climate Change and Health; Volume 4, October 2021, 100077

Cristen Iris
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