I believe that writing and editing are a way of life, the constant creation and refinement of thought and action that leads to our highest level of contribution.

I am a developmental editor, book collaborator, and author talent manager. I hold a degree in anthropology and am fascinated by medical anthropology and human behavioral ecology—how our environments shape our actions and beliefs and why we often act in ways that undermine our goals and relationships.

My clients include a New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and IndieBound bestseller and Today Show Read with Jenna book of the month pick; a GRAMMY Award® winner; a triple amputee physician and disability advocate; human rights activists; whole-food, plant-based (vegan) climate and nutrition experts; competitive athletes; and entrepreneurs.

I'm particularly drawn to high-impact nonfiction and high-stakes upmarket fiction that's grounded in place. My clients are forward-thinking and exhibit a sense of urgency when it comes to sharing their messages.

We work together to identify their personal and professional goals, ideal readers, and market niche to develop strategies and tactics that bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be to make the most impact. Depending on what my client needs at any given moment, I act as a consultant, coach, accountability partner, or cheerleader.

My clients especially love the custom video tutorials I create for them and appreciate my focus on marketing.

I specialize in working with authors who aspire to be traditionally published and who are focused on maximizing reach and with literary agents whose clients need editorial and marketing help. I also serve as a literary talent scout and book packager.

my approach

I am a writer who respects the craft and wants to be someone you can trust. To me, that means being able to demonstrate that my writing is commercially viable and that the work I do with clients gets results.

My creative nonfiction essays, business columns, and writing advice have been published in publications that exercise editorial discretion. This gives me a deeper understanding of my client's needs, fears, and experiences that I apply to help my clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

my values & interests

I value independence, objectivity, and meaningful relationships.

I make a living one hundred percent from project and speaking income. I do not accept referral or affiliate fees. I work in your best interest.

I am a conscious capitalist and an inclusive business person. I bring people of different perspectives to the table and bridge gaps in understanding and communication to improve relationships and get things done.

My interests are reflected in the types of books I work on: health and fitness, social justice and equality, disability advocacy, self and professional improvement.

Book lover, artist, poet, active listener, and dream nurturer Sandy is my editorial assistant, holds a Keys to Effective Editing certificate, and follows Chicago Manual of Style.

She follows my methodology and serves as a manuscript evaluator, line and copy editor, and proofreader when my time is limited but clients want to work with me in some capacity.

While Sandy mostly works behind the scenes, you can find us together at conferences and speaking events where she helps me stay organized and keeps me well fed so I can focus on helping and building relationships with the people around me.