Cristen Iris Speaker

Looking for a speaker or media guest?

Event organizers love my enthusiasm and commitment to their success. I see myself as your strategic partner, invested in your event and your attendees’ experience, not just a speaker.

Attendees love my straight-forward, results-oriented approach and fun but educational delivery. They also appreciate how I find ways to speak to authors at every skill level and stage of the publishing journey.


Cristen Iris Speaker

When you book me, I will

  • educate

  • entertain

  • inspire

  • and empower

your attendees, so they can move forward with confidence and the skills necessary to reach their goals.

Cristen Iris Speaker

upcoming events

Boise Veg Fest 2020August 29, 2020

Boise Veg Fest 2020

Cecil D. Andrus Park

featured speaker: topic to be announced soon

For more information, click here.

Rediscovered BooksMay 7th (Did you miss it? No worries!)

Rediscovered Books facebook live event  (500+ views; click here for video access.)

Ask an Editor Q&A

Idaho Editors and Writers AssociationNovember 14th

editing fiction: a professional approach

This workshop is designed for professional editors and career-oriented writers. Sessions include:
  • an expert panel discussion (Donna Cook, Stacey Smekofske, Cristen Iris)
  • genre conventions and obligatory scenes (Stacey Smekofske),
  • story structure, using the romance genre as an example (Donna Cook);
  • story structure and the hero's journey (Cristen Iris)
Group One Sotheby's training room in Eagle. 500 East Shore Dr.
November 14, 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

December 17th

Writer's Corner Author Panel

Library! at Collister
Boise, Idaho
December 17, 2020
7:00 p.m.

Idaho Writers Guild MemberMay 21&22

Idaho Writers Conference 2021

Boise, Idaho

I'll be:

  • providing manuscript evaluations,
  • serving as an expert panelist,
  • be participating in the publishing "speed dating" event,
  • and offering general advice and support to attendees and other faculty members.

Stay tuned for details.




Your Vision, Your Voice: How to Think Like and Work with a Developmental Editor (SOLD OUT & rated 9.67 out of 10 by Idaho Writers Guild Literary Luncheon attendees!)

Micro Blogging for Authors: Develop Your Brand and Sell More Books (Rated 9.5 out of 10 by attendees!)

Writing Memoir: Find the Story in Your History (for aspiring authors, always an audience pleaser)

Editing Memoir: The Difference between Commercial and Legacy Memoir (for professional editors)

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You: How to Develop Your Craft and Create a Brand that Opens Doors

From No to Go! How to Build Your Brand and Write a Competitive Book Proposal

Quiet Influence: Brand Building and Power Networking for Introverts


health, effectiveness, and community

The Approachable Vegan: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others

Play to Win: How to Make Your Life Imitate Your Art & Be the Hero of Your Own Journey

Real World Anthropology: How Understanding People and Their Environments Can Improve Your Experience and Outcomes

all customized to appeal to your audience and meet your goals

past events

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You: How to Develop Your Craft and Create a Brand that Opens Doors (Writers Corner, Library! at Collister, February 2020)

A Professional Approach to Writing and Editing Commercial Memoir (Idaho Editors and Writers Association, February 2020)

Writing a Legacy Memoir: Finding the Story in Your History (Hillcrest Library Boise, Idaho October 2019)

Micro Blogging for Authors: Develop Your Brand and Sell More Books (Library! at Collister Boise, Idaho October 2019 Rated 9.5 out of 10 by attendees!)

Your Vision, Your Voice: How to Think like and Work with a Developmental Editor (Idaho Writers Guild Literary Luncheon August 2019, Sold Out & Rated 9.67/10!)

The Approachable Vegan: Bringing People to the Table and Keeping Them There (Boise Self-Help Group August 2019)

The Persuasive Vegan: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others (Whole Food, Plant-Based 4 Life Support Group, Boise August 2019)

Play to Win: How to Make Your Life Imitate Your Art & Be the Hero of Your Own Journey (The Aware Athlete Show August 2019)

Memoir Writing 101: Finding the Story in Your Story (Eagle Public Library January 2019)

Setting the Record Straight: How Traditional Publishing Really Works and Why You Need to Understand It (Meridian Chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association January 2019)

Author Panel Q&A (Library! at Collister December 2018)

Genre Specialization: The Key to Editorial Excellence (Idaho Editors and Writers Association November 2018)

Secrets to Writing Authoritative and Compelling Nonfiction (Nonfiction Authors Association Teleseminar October 2018)

Anthropology at Work: Education to Employment, College to Career (Boise State University 2018)

So Called Podcast Interview 2018

Idaho Writers' Corner Author and Editor Panel (Library! at Collister Boise 2017)

Working with a Developmental Editor (Library! Boise 2018)

The Power of Precise Language: Choosing Words for Impact and Effectiveness (Idaho Editors and Writers Association 2017)

The Wind Up, the Pitch, and the Swing (Idaho Writers Guild 2017)

Point of View & Perspective (Library! at Collister 2017)

It's All About Pacing (Library! at Collister 2017)

Evolutionary Medicine and the Heterozygous Advantage (Idaho Health and Welfare Spring 2014 Epidemiology Conference co-presented with medical anthropologist and epidemiologist Dr. Robert Graff)

The Importance of Balancing Fixed and Variable (Smart Women, Smart Money ~2009)

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