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Cristen Iris on The Aware Athlete Show

Play to Win: How to Make Your Life Imitate Your Art & Be the Hero of Your Own Journey

In life, we never achieve anything meaningful without overcoming some fear or wound from our past and giving up some thought or behavior pattern that keeps us locked into one plane of existence.

And it takes test after test, try after try, opportunity and failure after opportunity and failure before we finally throw up our hands and submit to our higher self.

Join author and client Scott Forrester and me on his show, The Aware Athlete, to learn more about how to be the hero of your own journey.

August 2, 2019 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time

Join us at https://zoom.us/j/793474067 

Cristen Iris The Persuasive Vegan

The Persuasive Vegan: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others

The communication skills I use as a professional writer and editor are the same I use when speaking to people about all kinds of often controversial subjects.

In this talk, I emphasize empathy and respect, requirements for being truly persuasive and the difference between being right and being effective.

Aug. 6, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Whole Food Plant Based for Life Support Group (FREE)

Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship Church

1520 N. 12th St. Boise, Idaho 83702

Cristen Iris Your Vision, Your Voice

Your Vision, Your Voice: Thinking Like and Working with a Developmental Editor or Book Collaborator

The thought of working with a developmental editor or book collaborator can be scary.
What if they don't catch your vision?
What if their voice or style overpowers yours?
During this presentation, I'll:
  • explain the difference between developmental editors and book collaborators,
  • demystify the process of working with one,
  • and help you apply our strategies and tactics to make your voice stronger and your process faster and more enjoyable.

August 20, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Idaho Writers Guild Literary Luncheon

$20 members/$25 non-members: RSVP

The Riverside Hotel 2900 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83714

Cristen Iris on The Divine Breakthrough with Maurita Lyda Radio Show

The Persuasive Female: Speak Truth & Get Things Done

Speaking the truth can be difficult enough. Speaking the truth in love and in a way that builds relationships with people who may not agree with us can be even harder, especially when we need to form consensus and move things forward.

Join transformational life coach and pastor Maurita Lyda and me as we discuss the art of persuasion and the power women have to make great things happen.

September 2019: Stay tuned for details.

Trails and Treats Talk

Where to Hike in the Treasure Valley to See Fall Colors & Foods that Fuel the Experience

Join my client Scott Marchant, author of the Hiking Idaho series, and me for a fun night of fall fun and food fit for the trails.

Scott will talk about some amazing family-friendly hiking trails. I'll talk about whole food, plant-based treats that please the palate and feed the body and soul.

Monday, September 23rd

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Eagle Public Library (FREE)

Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Dead? What You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

October 17, 2019, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Library! at Collister in Boise, Idaho (FREE)

"As a presenter, teacher, author, and Toastmaster, I am always delighted to find someone as talented, graceful, and professional as Cristen Iris. She exudes confidence, displays high organizational skills, while being able to deliver each person’s needs in a training setting. She’s a gem in our community, and I’m thankful to know and work with her." —Sherry Briscoe, author and workshop organizer for the Idaho Writers Guild

"Cristen Iris is an excellent speaker who is known for her editing skill and professionalism. She clearly expresses relevant material that I can immediately apply in my business. I appreciate Cristen’s ability to readily handle questions and offer well-researched methods and ideas." —Kim Foster, freelance book editor and co-founder of the Idaho Writers and Editors Association

"Cristen’s engagement with the audience was phenomenal. The information was well presented. She is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker. I highly recommend her as a presenter." —Renee Settle

"Cristen is a true professional on every level. As a leader for the Nonfiction Authors Association, she provided support, training and encouragement for her team. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she never hesitates to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. She has been a valued asset to our organization and will no doubt continue to dazzle all those she works with in the future."
— Stephanie Chandler, CEO and founder, Nonfiction Authors Association

"Thank you for sharing your insights during your Anthropology at Work: From Education to Employment, College to Career presentation. It was the most inspirational fifty minutes I've experienced since returning to university studies!" —Katherine Kappelman

"Amazing insight. Really appreciate the transparent, no-holds-barred presentation. Tremendous help!" —Jake Levya

"Cristen is an authority and gives a well-structured workshop. Really liked the comparison of nonfiction and fiction and what's at stake for the reader." —Pamela Thompson

"The handout is great and a good resource for later ... excellent talk. You're my role model. I want to be as informed and professional as you are." —CS Kjar

"Cristen's information and presentation are pragmatic. I walked away with gems I can use." —anonymous

"Cristen cares." —anonymous

Partial Client List

  • Smart Women, Smart Money
  • Idaho Health and Welfare
  • Boise State University
  • Idaho Writers Guild
  • Library! Boise
  • Library at Collister
  • Eagle Library
  • So Called Podcast
  • Nonfiction Authors Association (global teleseminar and local events)
  • Idaho Writers and Editors Association

Sample Topics

for writers, editors, and professionals

  • Master Communicator Skills: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others
  • Say More, Sell More: Identify and Write to Your Ideal Reader/Customer
  • See and Be Seen: Power Networking for Introverts
  • The Persuasive Writer: How to Meet Your Reader Where They Are and Help Them Go Further Faster
  • Avoid Amateur Mistakes: Secrets to Writing Authoritative and Compelling Nonfiction
  • Memoir 101: Find The Story in Your Story
  • Master the Craft: Show, Don’t Tell
  • Set Yourself up for Success: How to Choose the Publishing Model that’s right for You
  • From No to Go! How to Write a Competitive Book Proposal
  • Write a Crowd Pleaser: Screenwriting Techniques for Novelists
  • Art and Ethics: How to Incorporate Your Values into Your Business

for vegans, environmentalists, and social justice seekers

  • The Active Advocate: How to Find Common Ground to Get Better Results
  • Slacktivism to Activism: How to Make the Move from Talking about What Needs to Happen to Making Things Happen
  • The Persuasive Vegan: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others
  • For the Love! Communication Tips to Bring Vegan and Omnivore Partners back to Their Table
  • Cooking for Omnivores: A Vegan's Guide to Negotiating Eating Styles and Bridging Conviction Gaps

all customized to appeal to your audience and meet your goals

past engagements & topics

Cristen Iris Media Sheet

Memoir Writing 101: Finding the Story in Your Story Eagle Public Library January 2019

Setting the Record Straight: How Traditional Publishing Really Works and Why You Need to Understand It Meridian Chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association January 2019

Author Panel Q&A Library! at Collister December 2018

Genre Specialization: The Key to Editorial Excellence Idaho Editors and Writers Association November 2018

Secrets to Writing Authoritative and Compelling Nonfiction Nonfiction Authors Association Teleseminar October 2018

Anthropology at Work: Education to Employment, College to Career Boise State University 2018

So Called Podcast Interview 2018

Idaho Writers' Corner Author and Editor Panel Library! at Collister 2017

Working with a Developmental Editor Library! Boise 2018

The Power of Precise Language: Choosing Words for Impact and Effectiveness Idaho Editors and Writers Association 2017

The Wind Up, the Pitch, and the Swing Idaho Writers Guild 2017

Point of View & Perspective Library! at Collister 2017

It's All About Pacing Library! at Collister 2017

Evolutionary Medicine and the Heterozygous Advantage Idaho Health and Welfare Spring 2014 Epidemiology Conference co-presented with medical anthropologist and epidemiologist Dr. Robert Graff

The Importance of Balancing Fixed and Variable