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Thank you for your interest in having or hearing me speak. Due to a full project schedule, I've cleared my 2022 speaking schedule after the free workshop on June 23rd.

Writers Corner Workshop: How to Write in Scenes for Memoir and Novel Writers

Thursday, June 23, 2022

6:30-7:30 p.m. MST Library! at Collister, Catalpa Room

Learn what a scene is and how to improve the pace of your story by stacking scenes for maximum effect.

BONUS: It'll help you follow the show, don't tell recommendation.


2022 presentation & workshop options

  • Which Publishing Model Is Right for You: Traditional Big 5, Traditional Indie, Self, or Hybrid/Partner?
  • How to Become an Award-Winning Author: The Why, Which, and When of Book Awards
  • A Professional Approach to Writing and Editing Commercial Memoir
  • Write Faster and Market Better by Identifying Your Ideal Reader and Why Your Nonfiction Book Matters to Them
  • How to Write in Scenes for Memoir and Novel Writers

All customized to appeal to your audience and meet your event goals.

I am also available as a panelist, podcast guest, and one-on-one consultant for conference attendees.

past events & interviews


Idaho Editors and Writers Association: Working with Clients Who Aspire to Be Traditionally Published (June 8, 2022)

Idaho Writers Conference (presenter and faculty, May 20 & 21, 2022)

NFAA Podcast Guest: Tips for Writing a Compelling Memoir (February 23, 2022; listen here)

Idaho Editors and Writers Association: Publishing Trends Panel Discussion, I covered traditional publishing topics (February 9, 2022)


Nonfiction Writers Fall Conference (Virtual): Ask-a-Pro (November 4th & 5th, 2021)

How to Avoid the Top 5 Novel-Writing Mistakes (June 8, 2021; Idaho Writers Guild Writers Corner virtual event)

Idaho Writers Guild Literary Lunch: Book Publishing Panel (May 18, 2021; virtual)

Nonfiction Writers Conference, Ask-a-Pro (May 5-7, 2021)

Writing and Book Awards: The Why, Which, and When to Help You Sell More Books (January, 2021; virtual)


Nonfiction Writers Conference (virtual): Ask-a-Pro  (November 2020)

Rediscovered Books Ask an Editor Live Facebook Event: 500+ views; click here for on-demand video access

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You: How to Develop Your Craft and Create a Brand that Opens Doors (Writers Corner, Library! at Collister, February 2020)

A Professional Approach to Writing and Editing Commercial Memoir (Idaho Editors and Writers Association, February 2020)


Writing a Legacy Memoir: Finding the Story in Your History (Hillcrest Library Boise, Idaho October 2019)

Micro Blogging for Authors: Develop Your Brand and Sell More Books (Library! at Collister Boise, Idaho October 2019 Rated 9.5 out of 10 by attendees)

Your Vision, Your Voice: How to Think like and Work with a Developmental Editor (Idaho Writers Guild Literary Luncheon August 2019, Sold out & rated 9.67/10)

The Approachable Vegan: Bringing People to the Table and Keeping Them There (Boise Self-Help Group August 2019)

The Persuasive Vegan: How to Talk Your Walk without Trampling Others (Whole Food, Plant-Based 4 Life Support Group, Boise August 2019)

Play to Win: How to Make Your Life Imitate Your Art & Be the Hero of Your Own Journey (The Aware Athlete Show August 2019)

Memoir Writing 101: Finding the Story in Your Story (Eagle Public Library January 2019)

Setting the Record Straight: How Traditional Publishing Really Works and Why You Need to Understand It (Meridian Chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association January 2019)

NFAA Teleseminar Greatest Hits Replay: Cristen Iris – Secrets to Writing Authoritative and Compelling Nonfiction


Author Panel Q&A (Library! at Collister December 2018)

Genre Specialization: The Key to Editorial Excellence (Idaho Editors and Writers Association November 2018)

Secrets to Writing Authoritative and Compelling Nonfiction (Nonfiction Authors Association Teleseminar October 2018)

Anthropology at Work: Education to Employment, College to Career (Boise State University Anthropology Department seniors 2018)

So Called Podcast Interview 2018

Working with a Developmental Editor (Library! Boise 2018)


Idaho Writers' Corner Author and Editor Panel (Library! at Collister Boise 2017)

The Power of Precise Language: Choosing Words for Impact and Effectiveness (Idaho Editors and Writers Association 2017)

The Wind Up, the Pitch, and the Swing (Idaho Writers Guild 2017)

Point of View & Perspective (Library! at Collister 2017)

It's All About Pacing (Library! at Collister 2017)


Evolutionary Medicine and the Heterozygous Advantage (Idaho Health and Welfare Spring 2014 Epidemiology Conference co-presented with medical anthropologist and epidemiologist Dr. Robert Graff)

The Importance of Balancing Fixed and Variable (Smart Women, Smart Money ~2009)

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