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Writing is an art. Publishing is a business. I help you distinguish yourself in both.

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Tracking and Citing References While Writing Your Nonfiction Book

Why is it important to cite your sources according to Chicago Manual of Style? Before we dig into the nuts and bolts of tracking and citing sources, it’s important to understand the legal and reputational risks you face as an author,

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Plot vs. Story: How Rushing the Plot Robs Your Reader of a Great Story

As a substantive (aka developmental) editor, I look for many things when I evaluate a manuscript. Point of view (POV) and perspective Verb tense Rhythm and pacing Consistencies and inconsistencies Plot Story Character development Genre Length Marketability These are big

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Developing Fictional Characters

How do you develop fictional characters when you write? Marlie Harris, a fellow Boise area writer, said and asked the following on one of her blog posts, “I would love to read your thoughts on characters, fictional or not, and

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Editing Hack: Easily Avoid and Correct Passive Voice

Using passive voice is a faux pas for writers. Critics, other writers, and readers alike may summarily reject your work based on that one style issue. In other words, you may have great characters and a great story but if

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