2022 Film Festival, Treefort Filmfort Coverage, and Filmmaker Interviews

18th Annual i48 Film Festival Brings Short Film Loving Audience and Filmmakers Together

The word "filmmaker" is most often associated with Los Angeles, California, but the annual i48 Competition and Film Festival attracts experienced talent and is described by Co-Director Andrew Ellis as...read on The Boise Beat's site.

Behind the Scenes With a Filmmaking Team for a 48-Hour Horror Film Competition

How do I break into the film industry? While "breaking in" means different things to different people, the first step is to either make your own film or ...continue reading

Filmfort 2022 Interview With "Anchorage" Filmmakers Scott Monahan and Dakota Loesch

Producer-Director-Costar Scott Monahan and Producer-Writer-Costar Dakota Loesch kicked off Filmfort (part of the 2022 Treefort Music Festival) with their gritty and gripping feature film "Anchorage" and received an enthusiastic reception from...continue reading

Dakota Loesh, Cristen Iris, and Scott Monahan posing together with Treefort passes

The Bright, Wacky, & Weird Short Film Block Was a Filmfort 2022 Crowd Pleaser

Organizers of Filmfort 2022 delivered on the promise of a bright, wacky, and weird lineup for the second block of short films on the screening schedule...continue reading

Interview with Sarah Fanchon Cohen, Executive Producer of 'Smile Little Ladybug,' a Conversation-Starting Documentary

The second day of Filmfort 2022 opened with 'Smile Little Ladybug,' a documentary short film that tells the sometimes dark and always thought-provoking story of three generations of optimists and creative activists. Although the film explores subjects including anti-Semitism and ...continue reading

Treefort Music Fest and The Flicks Kick off Their New Quarterly Screening Series MICRODOSE wth the Dark Comedy 'Greener Grass'

If you love independent films and are looking for film festival fun year round, MICRODOSE at The Flicks in downtown Boise may be just the thing. Billed as "short bursts of cinema that will take your brain to another plane," ...continue reading

'The Field,' One of Treefort Filmfort 2022's Local Gems Brings New Meaning to the Phrase "Motion Picture"

The "Local Gems" film block, including short film "The Field" directed by and starring dancer and choreographer Sadi Mosko, was part of a combined Filmfort and Artfort event at the March 2022 Treefort Music Festival held in Boise, Idaho." ...continue reading