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Authors and Editors: Understanding the Publishing Industry and Developing Strategic Partnerships

COMING: Summer 2017


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My goal is to help you understand how literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and your ideal reader make contracting and/or buying decisions and to help you craft a manuscript and author brand that will appeal to them on every level.

Writing is an art. Publishing is a business. I help you distinguish yourself in both.



“Cristen is the most BRILLIANT editor I have ever worked with. Her editorial comments on my novel (which is currently in the hands of a super-agent at ICM) helped me recognize several patterns in my writing style, both good and bad. She has an eye for what good writing should read like, and every single comment she made was 100% accurate. That kind of editing is a gift that few people possess. She will always be my go-to editor.” –Etaf Rum, author of The Place an Arrow Shoots From

Update:Etaf Rum’s debut novels sells in a six-figure preempt deal with world rights


“…you….are so incredibly… AWESOME!!! I love you! Thank you for your brilliance, and your deep contributions to this work. I am so grateful for you.” Tanya Sood, author of Pandora’s Box: 12 steps to unleashing your Divine Feminine power


“YOU are a miracle worker. thank you …Thank you for your eye to detail, your expertise, and for everything you did on my behalf. I appreciate YOU!” Laurie Buchanan, holistic health practitioner, transformational life coach, and multi award-winning author of Note to Self and … (details coming soon)


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your edits and developmental feedback were spot on. I was delighted to see the videos you sent with your feedback. It was invaluable. I would highly recommend your services to other writers and my colleagues.” –Renee Settle, author of fiction and nonfiction and coach at 12 Minutes A Day, LLC


“Your efforts have made this book the best one yet, so thank you so much for working on the project. You have taught me many things regarding the editing process. It is a great relief to see this book almost completed.” –Scott Marchant, author of the Hiking Idaho series


“I’ve referred at least a half-dozen clients to Cristen and will likely send her dozens more. The reason is simple: she does excellent work, serves clients well, and treats each project with incredible care and focus. Cristen is a true professional. She carries herself with confidence and poise while making a genuine effort to connect with those around her. As a colleague, she’s a valued sounding board; as a community leader, she invests considerable time in elevating the writing and editing industry. Cristen is tireless in her desire to learn and grow, and she puts in the effort few others will. Basically, she’s amazing!” –Stacy Ennis, CEO and Founder at Creatively


“I have been a recipient of Cristen’s coaching for awhile now and feel tremendously grateful for her knowledge, compassionate critiques, and accountability. Cristen sets the standard high for quality work and gives all the support necessary to achieve it. When I was struggling with maintaining the motivation to write my book, Cristen was the perfect mix of encouragement and accountability. Cristen helped me navigate my way through choosing the best publishing option for me when I felt overwhelmed and intimidated by all of my choices. It was great to have a guide walking me through the process. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working, collaborative, and encouraging book coach with personality to boot, Cristen is your gal. You won’t be disappointed!” –Jillian Landis, owner at Evolve Personal Coaching, book coaching client and author of nonfiction


“There is a misconception that authors write their books by themselves. Let me assure you that is not true. We may write the story, but it takes a team of talented individuals to [bring] that story to life. Cristen is one of those individuals who has been invaluable to me. I just finished my third novel, “Shadows Kill,” and Cristen brought clarity to the final product through her suggestions and evaluation. I highly recommend Cristen to any author who desires the best possible outcome for their book.” -Bill Holland, author of mystery, suspense, and thriller


“Memoir is the most personal type of writing there is, and yet it cannot be done alone. Cristen pushed me to develop my characters, show instead of tell, and to delve deeper into the most powerful and painful parts of my book. Thanks to Cristen’s ability to edit, her literary business knowledge, professionalism, and personality, I have a complete manuscript that is ready to share.” –Jennie W., author of memoir


“I had the great pleasure of working with Cristen Iris on my second novel. She maintained impeccable professionalism throughout the editing process. Her work was thorough and always reflected a keen attention to detail. Cristen is a highly skilled and knowledgeable editor. I recommend her services without hesitation.” Chrissy Lessey, author urban fantasy


“I just wanted to thank you once again for your notes on my manuscript for IN MY SHOES.  I can’t begin to tell you what a significant difference your thoughts made on my ability to tweak the writing and take it to a new level.  The suggestions you made were helpful not only in the area you made them, but allowed me to identify other areas in my manuscript that needed “more showing and less telling” as well.  I finished the changes and I’m truly giddy.   Your advice was, I felt, so spot-on and I really  just can’t thank you enough.  All this time I’ve been sending to agents and editors and hearing,  “I like it but I’m not connecting,” with no thoughts on what they’re not connecting with or how to fix it.  Yours was the first real advice I’ve been given and I’m just beside myself.” -C. H. Armstrong, author of women’s fiction

“Cristen did a manuscript evaluation for me and gave me exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. She challenged me to dip deeper and she remained professional and positive throughout the entire process.” –Patricia Beckman, author of The Sellout, fiction

“Cristen’s coaching has been invaluable in helping me define my career goals and in setting me on a course to reach those goals. During the first round of coaching, due largely to Cristen’s firm but gentle guidance, I realized that my original career goal was not something that I wanted to pursue. When I came to her with my realization, she provided a safe place of honest conversation and helped me revise my goals, ultimately allowing me to focus on a career that was more suited to me. When my first round of coaching was over, I found that I had enjoyed it so much and it had been so valuable to me that I wanted to continue. Cristen obliged and we’ve recently begun our second round of coaching. Cristen is a wonderful coach! She’s knowledgeable, friendly, non-judgmental, and provides a safe place to discover, set, and revise goals, and provides steps to reach those goals. I highly recommend her.” –Stephanie Browne, writer and coaching client

“I can’t thank you enough for your profound kindness that extended beyond the professionalism of being an editor and reached the very best of humane feelings. You assure me every day that I have indeed chosen the best editor for my manuscript, and since the very beginning of the process you were extremely helpful and kind.” Ismail Taher, fiction (Egypt)

“…you exude great confidence and knowledge in your craft. You provide detailed information/advice and urge your students to think for themselves, while giving them a push in the right direction. I have the utmost faith in your ability and what you can do for my business.” -Shauna Bowling, writer and coaching client



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