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professional. results-oriented.

My mission is to help purpose-driven nonfiction and craft-oriented fiction authors develop and write high-value, reader-pleasing books.

My clients include a New York Times bestselling debut novelist, a Parade Magazine "24 Best Memoirs to Read in 2020" lister, a GRAMMY Award (R) winner, an international entertainment entrepreneur, activists and advocates, and intellectuals, all of whom are self-starters driven to educate, entertain, and empower others.

Clients have earned more than twenty book awards, bestseller rankings, high-profile listings, and publishing contracts on books we've worked on together.

(Click here to see my clients' measurable results and media attention.)

We share a common mindset. We respect the work and see each other as long-term strategic partners. And when we decide to do something, we find a way or make or way.

Like my clients, I am a writer. My work has been published in print and online magazines and business journals.

developmental editing

Developmental editing is all about structure (story) and persuasiveness. I evaluate your manuscript according to my tried-and-true, genre-specific methodology, so you have confidence as you revise your manuscript and put your ideas in front of the people you want to inform, influence, and entertain.


I recommend this in-depth analysis for first-time authors.

In addition to a comprehensive editing report and in-manuscript notes, I record custom video tutorials to guide you through some of the trickier concepts and encourage you as you revise your manuscript.

I will evaluate your manuscript on four levels that include up to 11 inspection categories:

  • entire manuscript
  • chapters
  • sections and scenes
  • author platform and affinity groups

up to 60,000 words: $2,600

60,000-80,00 words: $3,500

book collaboration/Book Doctoring

This service is for aspiring authors who are looking for a proven writing professional to help them restructure and rewrite a book they're having a hard time pulling together.

My collaboration process is an extension of my developmental and substantive editing process and is informed by my education and business background and what I've learned as a published writer and when teaching and talking to aspiring authors at workshops, conferences, and business events and by engaging with literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and readers.

nonfiction up to 60,000 words: $15,000

memoir up to 60,000 words: $21,000




If you're interested in ghostwriting services, please contact me to discuss your project and get a custom bid.



book proposal writing & Review

If you plan to write your general nonfiction or memoir book yourself but want a professional analysis and substantive editing feedback on your query letter and proposal before sending it to literary agents, I offer book proposal reviews (up to 60 double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font pages) for $1,500.

If you need more help developing your table of contents, chapter synopses, and sample chapters; doing a proper competitive analysis and putting together a targeted marketing plan; and identifying which literary agents and publishers are the best fits for you and your project, I offer flat rate or hourly fee options. Contact me for a custom bid.

pay-as-you-go editing & consulting

If you prefer a pay-as-you-go arrangement (currently the most popular option due to flexibility and access to any service I offer), please contact me for a free consultation and my hourly rate.

Want to learn more about how I set my rates? Read this article that I originally wrote for Unbound NorthwestThe Cost of Doing Business: How Freelance Service Providers Make a Living and visit the Editorial Freelancers Association site for a table with editing services and prices.

statement of values

I am an inclusive businessperson.

I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, age, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, gender identity, or sexual orientation in any of my activities or operations and will not contract with any author or vendor who demonstrates a disregard for the dignity, safety, and overall well-being of any other person or group.

When working together, we agree that without intellectual integrity and respect for human dignity, our work has little value. Therefore, we place the wellbeing and education of readers in the forefront of our minds and agree to focus our efforts on providing maximum value to them.

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