May 5, 2019
There's No Such Thing as "Fictionalized Memoir"

If I offered you a glass of red wine and you accepted, you’d expect red wine. If it was red wine vinegar and I acknowledged that I knew that, you’d likely feel betrayed. I could try to defend myself by saying that both are made from the same kind of grapes and that the vinegar […]

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July 11, 2016
Room to Grow: Interview with Author and Transformational Life Coach Laurie Buchanan

Laurie Buchanan fascinates me. She has as much energy as anyone I know, but the difference between her energy and that of others is power. People who exude energy often display nervous energy, the kind of energy that pulls rather than pushes, the kind that depletes rather than energizes. When Laurie speaks and writes, her […]

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5 Tips for Authors to Move Up and Get Noticed

Literary agents and publishers regularly receive hundreds to thousands of unsolicited queries and book proposals per year. That can mean 10 or more each week.

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pitching to a literary agent

Contracting with a literary agent and getting a traditional publishing contract remains the holy grail of many authors and aspiring authors, but getting the attention

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In life, we never achieve anything meaningful without overcoming some fear or wound from our past and giving up some thought or behavior pattern that

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As Marc Zicree says, "Your career will be defined by two poles: what you stand for and what you won't stand for." I hope that

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