May 4, 2018
What Is a Ghostwriter and What Do They Do?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer hired to write a book on behalf of a client. Ghostwriters are more than writers though. We are strategic partners who serve as sounding boards, coaches, publishing consultants, and task wranglers. We have a knack for asking questions that identify your ideal reader, highest goals, best ideas, personal and professional strengths, […]

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I work on a lot of self-help and personal and professional development books. One problem I see often is too much focus on the problem, forcing

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Kathy Pollard, MS

I'm proud to have Kathy Pollard, MS on my author talent management roster! Since becoming one of the first graduates of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s

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Cristen Iris speaker

If you want literary agents, publishers, and readers to care about your book or event coordinators to book you to speak at their events, you

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Am I good enough?

At a writing workshop I taught, a participant asked, "How will I know when my writing is good enough?" The answer is simple: You'll know

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