April 30, 2019
Genre First, not as an Afterthought

I just returned from a writing conference where I heard a commonly held but very wrong belief among aspiring authors: “Don’t worry about genre. Your literary agent will help you identify that.” While an agent may help you to identify subgenres and affinity groups for marketing purposes, you must know the genre or blend of […]

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5 Tips for Authors to Move Up and Get Noticed

Literary agents and publishers regularly receive hundreds to thousands of unsolicited queries and book proposals per year. That can mean 10 or more each week.

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pitching to a literary agent

Contracting with a literary agent and getting a traditional publishing contract remains the holy grail of many authors and aspiring authors, but getting the attention

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In life, we never achieve anything meaningful without overcoming some fear or wound from our past and giving up some thought or behavior pattern that

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As Marc Zicree says, "Your career will be defined by two poles: what you stand for and what you won't stand for." I hope that

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