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Authors and Editors: Developing Strategic Partnerships That Move You Up Your Ladder



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My goal is to help you understand how literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and your ideal reader make contracting and/or buying decisions and to help you craft a manuscript and author brand that will appeal to them on every level.

Writing is an art. Publishing is a business. I help you distinguish yourself in both.

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Plot vs. Story: How Rushing the Plot Robs Your Reader of a Great Story

As a substantive (aka developmental) editor, I look for many things when I evaluate a manuscript. Point of view (POV) and perspective Verb tense Rhythm and pacing Consistencies and inconsistencies Plot Story Character development Genre Length Marketability These are big

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Which Type of Editor Do You Need to Accomplish Your Goal?

I’ll get to choosing the right editor for the job in a moment. But first, what would you say to a chef who was opening a restaurant but insisted that she or he didn’t need a good location, a nice

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Why Authors Absolutely Should Participate in Twitter Pitch Events Like #PitMad, #SFFpit, #WritePit, and #Pit2Pub

Should You Participate in a Twitter Pitch Event? If you are an author who aspires to have your book published by any means other than self-publishing, you absolutely should participate in Twitter pitch events. Whether you’re looking for an agent

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